If you are looking for a life changing experience on your honeymoon then try an eye opening, enriching and fulfilling Africa Honeymoon Volunteering experience in Uganda with us

More and more couples are choosing to be helpful on their Africa honeymoon and opt to do some volunteering, rather than simply lounge on a beach.

Msafiri Tours Africa Honeymoon Volunteering in Uganda is a very popular option for couples who like to “get under the skin” of Africa and meet the local people through a taste of ‘honeyteering’.

What better way to start your married life together than to share a fulfilling, enriching voluntourism experience in Africa with your loved one whilst on honeymoon! You can bond together as a couple, enjoy luxury accommodation, and do what other honeymooners don’t get to do: interact meaningfully with the local people and make a positive impact in their lives!

Naturally, there is also plenty of time to relax and explore – we can tailor-make your Africa Honeymoon Volunteering in Uganda or Kenya to suit your exact preferences.

We would love to help you make your Africa Honeymoon Volunteering special, so please let us know and we will built a suitable itinerary to fit your time, budget and interests.

What to do on your Africa Honeymoon volunteering?

Here is a list of Available Africa Honeymoon Volunteering projects in Uganda:

  • Volunteer in Africa – Uganda
  • Organizing your group volunteering tour to Uganda
  • Volunteer teaching in Africa – Uganda
  • Construction volunteering in Africa – Uganda
  • Work with the elderly in Africa – Uganda
  • Medical volunteer placements in Uganda
  • Street children volunteering in Uganda
  • Professional skills volunteering in Uganda
  • Volunteer and teach sports in Africa – Uganda
  • Animal care volunteering in Africa, Uganda
  • Environmental conservation volunteering in Uganda
  • Farming volunteering and agriculture in Uganda

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