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Animal care volunteering in Uganda

Animal care volunteering in Uganda

We have veterinary medicine and Animal care volunteering in Uganda for people who love animals! This is suitable for you, whether you are a student considering a career in veterinary medicine or simply are a passionate animal lover.

Volunteers will work alongside qualified Ugandans in the field and in clinics, helping with the day-to-day work with animals. There is also the opportunity to work in zoos, wildlife conservation centres, parks and national game reservations with the Uganda Wildlife Authority.

In Uganda, as in many other African countries, domestic animals are often not cared for properly and animal rights are not taken into consideration. Many visitors to Uganda may be surprised by the numbers of stray dogs. It is sadly common for cats and dogs to be abandoned and they may suffer car accidents, starvation, and numerous illnesses.

While on the Animal care volunteering in Uganda placements and clinics, volunteers observe how the animals are treated and often have the chance to assist the local vets during operations or when checking on animals.  Volunteers also help liaise with the animals’ owners. The amount of hands-on work you get will depend on your individual level of knowledge and experience.