Uganda Diaspora – home visit packages for Ugandans overseas and Ugandans in the diaspora of Indian descent

Uganda Diaspora – home visit packages for Ugandans overseas and Ugandans of Indian descent

If you are a Ugandan in the Uganda Diaspora, or a Ugandan of Indian origin now living overseas or in the diaspora, let us help you book the perfect holiday in Uganda for you.

We will help you book holiday apartments, hotel accommodation in Uganda for people from the diaspora. Whether you want amenities like WiFi, TV, AC, Pool, Kitchen, BBQ, Sauna, Terrace, Patio, Balcony.

The Uganda Diaspora Types of accommodation available:

Houses, Apartments, Beach Rentals, Cottages, Villas, Hotels, Mansions, Cabins. Some of the apartments available are serviced meaning there is someone who comes in daily to clean and cook if you so prefer. You will still have your independence and a personal base from which to operate while in Uganda.

You need to contact us to make a reservation in advance otherwise you may have to make do with a hotel room or stay with family.

Ugandans of Indians descent

We are not merely a travel agency but your trusted partner who will assist you in achieving your desired experience of Uganda. We will work with you to ensure that your tour to Uganda is a fulfilling one.

We offer for Ugandans overseas, Ugandans in the diaspora and Ugandan Indians abroad excellent tour packages to Uganda which includes transport, accommodation in good hotels and competent English speaking tour guides.  Our committed professional staff will make your trip or holiday in Uganda a memorable and fulfilling one.

Car hire for Ugandans in the diaspora:

Often people’s plans in Uganda to travel within the country to visit relatives and friends or visit fun resorts with their families get frustrated by lack of transport. Sometimes it’s not possible to rely on family, and such help often comes with huge financial attachments. We at Msafiri tours have a service that offers Ugandans from the Diaspora independence, convenience and reliability they need to enjoy their Uganda holidays.

We at Msafiri tours came up with a solution for Uganda diasporans who are inconvenienced when they try to find transport on their visits home. We have access to fleets of quality all-terrain vehicles suited to the potholed roads in Uganda.