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Environmental conservation volunteering in Africa

We have environmental conservation volunteering opportunities in Africa. Work with wildlife and conservation projects in Uganda which may involve working in game parks, zoos, tree planting and much more.

Due to the ongoing global warming debate, ecological concerns in Africa are now receiving more worldwide attention than ever before. If you would like to volunteer in this worthy cause, we have numerous options and projects available in Uganda and Kenya. Our programs focus on spreading ecological awareness and developing safer environmental practices to ensure a greener, cleaner, healthier environment for future generations.

These programs are ideal for anyone interested in “going green” and affecting positive environmental policy change. You will work with existing projects as well as helping to create new ones. Your  role will depend on the particular needs of the project, but could include organic gardening, taking care of animals, constructing and maintenance of nature trails, planting trees, observing and identifying trees, creating compost bins, construction of bridges, support in research projects, infrastructure maintenance, and much more.

If you are interested in conservation volunteering in Uganda,Kenya or Rwanda, we would love to hear from you.