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Group educational tours and school trips to Africa

Do you like the idea of taking your school or youth group on Group educational tours and school trips to Africa? We organise educational tours, school trips and  expeditions to Uganda, Kenya and Rwanda for schools, students and youth groups from the UK, USA, Australia and Europe. We would like to hear from you, so we can help you organize your tailor made and affordable trip to suit your specific requirements.

Our school trips and expeditions to Africa are educational, practical, fun and inclusive. With their abundance of culture and history, Uganda, Kenya and Rwanda are ideal destinations for educational tours to Africa. There are plenty of things to keep groups of young travellers and their chaperones captivated and entertained! With our expertise, you can be assured of a relevant and flexible itinerary that provides your group with invaluable, hands-on educational experiences.

Our Africa group educational tours include sightseeing or city walks, safaris, hands-on practical and inclusive projects that can be catered to your group’s specific interests, along with private visits to cultural programs, charities and businesses. Your presence would also support local communities and benefit wildlife habitats.

It is important that the leaders organising school trips to Africa allow plenty of time to plan for the tour, normally not less than 12 months between the initial idea and proposed departure date. In order for us to give you appropriate information regarding availability, pricing and transport options whilst your student group is in Africa, we need you to give us an idea of possible travel dates, duration of trip and proposed number of people in your group.

We are members of the UGANDA ASSOCIATION OF TOUR OPERATORS and RESPONSIBLE TRAVEL.COM. Should you need any more references, please contact these organisations.

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We are leaders in responsible school travel in Uganda and fully supported school trips, educational tours and expeditions to Uganda, Kenya and Rwanda.