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Corporate volunteering in Uganda

PrintLooking for group volunteering or corporate volunteering in Africa? We have a number of wonderful group volunteering opportunities to accommodate groups of up to 40 people in Uganda. Try our Group Corporate volunteering in Uganda, East Africa to build a sustainable partnership with needy communities.

Our Group volunteering Uganda programme is open to employees of interested companies worldwide.

Our Group volunteering in Uganda inspires business volunteers to unlock their potential by reaching out to make a positive impact on the lives of local people in East Africa where we operate.

 What are the benefits of our Group volunteering programs?

  • Corporate volunteering in East Africa provides companies with a way to demonstrate their commitment to help needy communities in the developing world.
  • Company employees on corporate volunteering tours make excellent ambassadors for your company,  and their involvement in volunteering in Africa generates positive attitudes towards your company.
  • Corporate volunteering can increase employees’ job satisfaction, which improves corporate culture and retention of employees in the long run.
  • Volunteer projects in Africa provide employees with a much needed break from their desks, while having fun collaborating with colleagues in a unique African setting and making a meaningful contribution to the neediest people.
  • Our corporate volunteering in Uganda helps to break down social barriers in communities, which in turn can enable employees and local people in East Africa to exchange ideas and develop a better understanding of the social issues that exist today.

We would love to hear from companies and businesses from anywhere in the world interested in taking their employees on a corporate volunteer trip to East Africa.