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Information for parents about school trips to Africa

If your son or daughter came home requesting to go on a school trip to Africa organised by Msafiri Tours, you’ll naturally want to find out more about the company organising the school tour for your children. Here is Information for parents about school trips to Africa and about Msafiri Tours, our group tours and school trips.

Msafiri Tours is an independent travel agency registered in Uganda and England. Msafiri Tours has been planning and leading group tours and school trips to Uganda, Kenya and Rwanda for the last 8 years. We specialise in tailor made, ethical and affordable group tours and school trip to Uganda, Kenya and Rwanda. 

So what’s our role? A teacher at your child’s school will have approached us to get advice on arranging school tips to Uganda, Kenya or Rwanda. Some teachers come to us with an exact plan of what they want to do, others come only with an idea and we help build those ideas into a trip.

We have experience arranging school tours to East Africa. We work with teachers to design an inclusive, fun, practical, educational travel experience to Africa. Msafiri Tours supports the teachers and schools throughout the build-up to the tour, ensuring that all the necessary preparations are complete.

We arrange true educational expeditions – school trips to Africa that go well beyond the average safari, giving students the opportunity to see the real Africa, meet real people, work with them, eat with them, hear their stories, and see the culture and the wildlife. We will expose the young people to different cultures, physically challenge them, and give them unique experiences to challenge their expectations and view of the world.

We are members of the UGANDA ASSOCIATION OF TOUR OPERATORS and RESPONSIBLE TRAVEL.COM. Should you need any more references please contact these organisations


DISCLAIMER: The information contained on this website about Africa school trips and expeditions information for parents is intended solely to provide general information for the personal use of the reader, who accepts full responsibility for its use.