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Our Values, Msafiri Tours Company Values and Policies

Corporate, Social & Ethical Responsibility Policy for Msafiri tours, ensures that we undertake our tours and safari activities in Uganda and East Africa in a socially, ethically and environmentally responsible manner, please read our values and policy here

  1. re made from a recycled materials or are from sustainable source
  2. Printing – our brochures are printed using an environmentally friendly wax printer. Where possible, we encourage customers to use our website rather than request a brochure
  3. We encourage careful energy usage by all our clients.

Our Staff and employees:

Msafiri tours strives to ensure that all employees are treated fairly and with respect, and are appropriately rewarded. We seek to implement an effective Equal Opportunities Policy and to acknowledge staff representation. We aim to develop and train our employees to realise their full potential

Our servic providers:

Msafirurs endeavours to deal with all suppliers of goods and services in an open and honest manner and with professional standards of respect and integrity.

Community responsibility:

We support Suubi Medical Centre

We are members of the UGANDA ASSOCIATION OF TOUR OPERATORS and RESPONSIBLE TRAVEL.COM. Should you need any more references please contact these organisations