Contact us for all special interests on safaris and tours in Uganda. Our special interests safari tours include; honeymoon tours, volunteering tours, wildlife photography, charity tours, homestay tours among many others.
Africa Honeymoon Volunteering:
If you are looking for a life changing experience on your honeymoon then try an eye opening, enriching and fulfilling experience in Uganda or Kenya during your honeymoon with usMore 

Charity challenges in Africa:
We have been organizing Africa charity challenge events and adventures in Uganda, Kenya, and Rwanda for a long time.
Stargazing safaris in Uganda, East Africa:
Have you ever heard of a Uganda astronomy safari? Msafiri tours hosts interactive astronomy and star gazing safaris in Uganda and KenyaMore 

Uganda farming and agro tours:
Uganda farming and agro tours suitable for students, groups, individuals, researchers and tourists.
Farming has attracted many visitors to Uganda over time and especially agricultural experts
Uganda Home stay:
Get immersed in the culture and heritage of the Local Africa-Ugandan people.If you want to know what it is like to meet local tribes and people in Uganda in a home stay or may be find out what it’s like at traditional local Uganda markets…More
Uganda painting Safaris:
We offer Uganda painting safaris, drawing and painting holidays in Uganda and Kenya for creative explorers such as artists, writers, photographers and non-painters.
Wed in Uganda or Kenya on safari:
Plan a perfect, affordable wedding while on safari in Uganda or East Africa with Msafiri tours, we have romantic, secluded safari wedding destinations in Uganda and Kenya to make your Africa wedding specialMore
Wildlife Photography Encounters:
Join us on a wildlife photography safari in Uganda or Kenya, Africa’s greatest locations for wild life, primates, landscape and cultural photography tours
Stargazing Safaris in Uganda