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Stargazing Safaris in Uganda, East Africa Safari Tours

PrintStargazing Safaris in UgandaHave you ever heard of a Uganda astronomy safari? Msafiri tours hosts interactive astronomy and Stargazing Safaris in Uganda and Kenya, join others for nights of star gazing under the African skies along with a possibility of spotting wild life

Most Uganda safaris are all about the game drive, seeing those rare, unique animals and of course, the sun set at the equator that warms the heart. These are “traditional safaris” and they offer the best experiences. But Msafiri Tours offer also something rather unique: stargazing safaris in Uganda which are fast becoming a new trend.

Most game lodges and camp sites in Uganda offer the traditional sundowner or evening game drive. But come nighttime, one can still look forward to “stargazing”. It’s a sight like no other. Stargazing safaris in Uganda is amazing and with the enormous night sky that Africa has to offer,  you’re taken to a whole new world. Such safaris in Uganda offer total seclusion and a peaceful experience you’re bound to treasure.

Msafiri Tours trained guides escort guests to a star gazing location around the park where the night sky is in full view. Stargazing also offers you the opportunity of seeing those interesting creatures that come out to play at night only. The Milky Way is right in front of you, Orion, Aquila and Cassiopeia. Stargazing Safaris in Uganda offers a stunning star-scape, something which it is most famous for.

Contact us for tailor made Stargazing Safaris in Uganda specifically set to fit your budget and time.

Stargazing Safaris in Uganda