Get immersed in the culture and heritage of the Local Africa-Ugandan people. If you want to know what it is like to meet local tribes and people while in Uganda Homestay Tours or may be find out what it’s like at traditional local Uganda markets, our Uganda Culture & People Experiences will give you that.

These are all experiences which we will include into your Uganda holiday.
There are a variety of ways through which the community benefits financially from this project, such as:
• Rent for the traditional housing provides a regular source of income for the home
• We work to encourage the formation of complementary businesses such as:
o Locally brewed Uganda beer
o Performing traditional Uganda dancing produced by the local people
o Selling local Ugandan craftwork produced by the community
In Addition…
• The kids at the local Uganda village school have an opportunity to meet their guests
• Then they can learn about where the guests come from and practice some English (Visitors have an opportunity to teach at the school for 1 hour )
• Tourists may donate anything at will such as; pens, clothing, books, money etc. (Donations must be arranged via the Msafiri tours guide).
• The families that we visit receive payment in a number of ways (e.g. transport, favors, goods, market produce or money).
• We work to maintain the natural beauty of the Villages and are committed to environmental sustainability

Uganda Homestay Tours are a great way of getting to know a bit about the local Ugandan tribal cultures of the country . The people that offer homestays n Uganda have a spare room which will be simply furnished, but comfortable. There will be washing facilities of some kind, and a toilet.

The Uganda homestay scheme is good for the local communities in Uganda as it brings in an income to people who struggle to otherwise bring in funds without leaving their homes.
We aim to make sure that the scheme works for our visitors too. Of course some families are more chatty than others and often due to different cultural beliefs , customs and upbringing, but you will find that your host is very welcoming and they will make your stay is as good as possible.

We have Uganda homestay in the:
• North with the Acholi people
• The East with the Basoga people of Busoga
• Far East with Iteso of Teso
• In the West with Bahima people or Ankole
• In the central with the Baganda people of Buganda

The Uganda Homestay Tours can be done for how ever long you want as a single travel activity or as an addition to an already planned safari or tour of Uganda, speak to us so we advise on best options for you