We offer Uganda painting safaris, drawing and painting holidays in Uganda and Kenya for creative explorers such as artists, writers, photographers and non-painters. Whether traveling on your own or as part of a group, we will tailor an itinerary that best suit your interests in Ugandan Art

Our Uganda Art safari holidays are not just a safari, they are real safaris designed for you to maximize your experience of Africa, to experience your creative self, whilst enriching your appreciation of the nature and wildlife in Uganda. We will give you unforgettable opportunities to sketch and paint animals like elephants, lions, mountain gorillas, chimpanzees, untold species of birds and butterflies. You will be able to take extraordinary photographs and to sharpen your observational skills. You will enjoy lots of one-to-one tuition and guidance from your Ugandan art tutors and experts.

You will get up close to the wildlife and landscapes of Uganda with the chance to meet the wonderful people known to be the friendliest on the continent of Africa. A portrait session with some local people is included in your Art safari, providing an opportunity to engage and explore the culture and history of your host country.

You will stay in comfortable accommodation, eat tasty food and enjoy travelling to different parts of Uganda as you journey through stunning landscapes rich in wildlife. Sketching from vehicles gets you close to the animals and birds in Uganda’s national parks. You wil also be able to paint in peace, sat on a stool or standing at an easel. At some locations, you will paint near water holes, regularly visited by herds of elephants, zebras, warthogs, antelopes and bushbucks. Our Msafiri Tours guides know what creative people are looking for, to get close to wildlife, to see landscapes at their best, and will take you to the very best locations! ENQUIRE NOW