Here is Uganda safari travel insurance and holiday cover

Uganda Safari is an adventurous tourist journey. It is a trip to observe wild nature and animals and see culture.  Safari is a Swahili word safari which also means as journey. A Uganda safari travel insurance and holiday cover is essential to make your tours enjoyable

Uganda safari travel insurance and holiday cover

The single most important condition of your booking is that you have full and comprehensive Uganda safari travel insurance and holiday cover . It is the customer’s responsibility to ensure they have full insurance coverage from the moment that they place their order/reservation with Msafiri Tours and that the insurance covers the time periods before, during and after travel. Below is our Uganda Travel Insurance advice.

Some elements of our trips and safaris have an inherently high-risk factor involved for the customer, such as off-road driving and contact with wildlife. We take no responsibility for the consequences of the customer taking on such risks. We personally test drive all the elements of our safaris and trips to ensure that everything is well run and safe, however, this is not a professional opinion but our conclusion based on how much risk we are prepared to take. As part of your booking, it is essential that you provide us with your Uganda safari travel insurance and holiday cover details, including policy reference number and telephone contact number.

A good Uganda safari travel insurance and holiday cover policy should include the following for your own benefit and peace of mind: emergency medical evacuation & repatriation, medical expenses, loss or theft of belongings/ baggage, expenses in the event of cancellation and personal accident. Make sure to check for any exclusions before purchasing a policy.

  1. a) Health Insurance: It is compulsory to have full medical, emergency evacuation and repatriation cover for the period of time you are away.
  2. b) Cancellation and Curtailment
    You might have to cancel or curtail your journey due to unforeseen circumstances. If for any reason you cancel a trip close to the departure date, you could lose the entire cost of your holiday.

Should you have to leave before your holiday is finished, we cannot refund you the cost of the portion of the package you do not complete. In the eventuality of this happening, insurance may cover you, depending on the reason for cancellation or curtailment.

  1. c) Baggage & Money Insurance
    It is advisable to take out baggage and money insurance for Uganda, especially if you are carrying a lot of cash or expensive and valuable camera equipment. You should always carry such equipment as “carry-on” luggage. Do not put anything of value in your checked-in baggage!
  2. d) Claims
    If you anticipate a travel insurance claim upon your return, be sure to document as accurately as possible any accident, injury or loss. Doctors’ notes and police reports will aid any claim.

Safe Traveler Tips!

Scan your passport, driver’s license and credit cards and send us an email to yourself and to reliable friends and/or bring copies with you. If you should lose any of these, you will at least have documentation or a way of retrieving the information by email.


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