Uganda tour terms and conditions

Making a booking with Msafiri tours Ltd is taken as acceptance by the customer of these Uganda tour terms and conditions

Uganda tour terms and conditions


The single most important condition of your Uganda tour terms and conditions is that you have full and comprehensive travel insurance. It is the customer’s responsibility to have full insurance coverage from the moment that they place their order/reservation with Msafiri Tours and that the insurance covers the time periods before, during and after travel. Some elements of our trips and safaris have an inherently high-risk factor involved for the customer, such as off-road driving and contact with wildlife.

We take no responsibility for the consequences of the customer taking on such risks. We personally test drive all the elements of our safaris and trips to ensure that everything is well run and safe, however, this is not a professional opinion but our conclusion based on how much risk we are prepared to take.

As part of your Uganda tour terms and conditions , it is essential that you provide us with your travel insurance details, including policy reference number and telephone contact number.

A good insurance policy should include the following for your own benefit and peace of mind: emergency medical evacuation & repatriation, medical expenses, loss or theft of belongings/ baggage, expenses in the event of cancellation and personal accident. Make sure to check for any exclusions before purchasing a policy.


The companies we use to book and arrange flights are ATOL bonded. Msafiri clients are welcome to book their own international flights directly with their preferred carrier. We will be happy to advise on which flights fit best with your safari plans. In this case, the contract is between the customer and the airline carrier and would be subject to their terms and cancellation policies. We are always happy to offer as much assistance as is required to enable the client to complete the purchase of airline tickets.


A deposit of 20% of the cost of your trip (excluding airfare) is required at the time of reservation. The full balance of payment is required forty days prior to the departure date. In the event of a last minute booking, Msafiri reserves the right to require full payment at the time of reservation.


Cancellations of airline tickets will be subject to the terms and conditions of the airline carrier. Your travel insurance may include provisions for cancellation cover. Tours and Safaris: All cancellations must be received in writing and are effective at the date of receipt. Cancellation charges are as follows: For cancellations more than 90 days before departure: a full refund will be made. For cancellations 89 – 30 days before departure: a 50% refund will be made. For cancellations less than 30 days before departure: no refund will be made.

There is no refund for no-shows and for cancellations after the start of the tour/safari. There is no refund for unused services, or if portions of the tour/safari arrangements are missed.

In the unlikely event that Msafiri Tours must cancel your tour/safari for any reason that is beyond our control or for reasons of safety, we will contact you immediately and a full refund will be made. No further compensation will be given for consequential losses as a result of any cancellation made by us.


Deviations to the planned itineraries are possible, although every effort will be made to keep them as they are presented. In addition, we reserve the right to revise itineraries or hotels due to conditions beyond our control, and any such change will not result in eligibility for a refund. If we are aware of an issue with your itinerary prior to your departure, we will contact you. If part of your tour/safari cannot be conducted due to safety reasons (for example, early rain can make access roads unsafe), we will accommodate you to the best of our ability. If issues arise after the tour/safari commences, the Camp Managers or a staff member from Msafiri Tours (if accompanying you) will discuss alternative plans with you.

Msafiri Tours allows the client to change or alter any part of the tour/safari itinerary at no cost. However, we cannot guarantee that we can or will be able to make changes as they will be subject to the availability of accommodation and transport.


Prices on our website and in our printed information packs are per person. Prices and offers are in effect at the time of printing/posting and are subject to change without notice. We offer discounted rates to groups of six or more individuals travelling together. We will endeavour to provide individual accommodation but this is subject to availability and will be confirmed at time of booking.


All special dietary requirements should be stated at the time of booking to ensure that Msafiri Tours can plan ahead. Failure to do so will make it difficult to cater to your special needs. It is the client’s responsibility to mention any health problems or difficulties that may affect the client’s ability to undertake this type of travel. We will always endeavour to assist if possible.


Immigration requirements (including visas if applicable) and valid passports are the sole responsibility of the client. It is recommended that you ensure that your passport does not expire until well after the end of the tour/safari (six months is preferable). A condition of your reservations with us is to behave in a manner reflecting the nature of the environment you will be in.

Guides, drivers and suppliers reserve the right to deny client access to any activity based on their own professional judgment and experience. Disorderly conduct will not be tolerated and guides and suppliers reserve the right to take whatever actions they deem necessary to control a situation created by such conduct. The safety and enjoyment of all guests are paramount. Clients must act within the local law. If you are unsure of any aspect of the law, please check with the local Msafiri Tours manager or your guide. Msafiri Tours is not responsible if the client fails to comply with any of the above conditions.


If you are unhappy with any aspect of your tour/safari, please communicate immediately to the Msafiri Tours manager or the Msafiri staff accompanying you on your tour/safari. Msafiri staff will endeavour to rectify the situation. If you are still not satisfied, please alert the Msafiri Tours manager and they will forward details of your complaint to the Head Office. The client should contact us by telephone and submit full written details of the complaint as soon as possible.


Msafiri Tours is not responsible for omissions, printing and/or presentation errors in brochure, on internet sites or any other media where such information may be presented, and reserve the right to make corrections as required.


We accepts our responsibility for the proper performance of our contract to the client.


Msafiri Tours Ltd and our suppliers cannot provide compensation or accept any responsibility for occurrences of an unusual or unforeseen nature. This means occurrences beyond our control, the consequences of which could not have been avoided even if due care is being exercised, including but not limited to technical, maintenance or mechanical problems, industrial disputes, civil strife, war or threat of war, weather and/or terrorist activity. We will always assist our clients in any such situation but must limit our responsibility.

I hope these Uganda tour terms and conditions are helpful to clarify things and your trip will be enjoyable.