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Volunteer in Africa – Uganda, Kenya and Rwanda

PrintHave you ever wanted to volunteer in Africa? Meet the people, see the culture, work with them, share your skills and go on a real safari? Msafiri Tours has an endless list of volunteer opportunities for you in Africa Uganda, Kenya and Rwanda.

Typical Msafiri Tours volunteers are enthusiastic, hard-working, self-motivated and proactive people who are able to work under their own initiative and as part of a team. Msafiri Tours volunteers do not replace or take jobs away from local people – they assist them with the various projects to achieve their long term goals.  If this describes you, then we’d love to hear from you.

We believe that any volunteering opportunity must have a two way benefit. Benefit to the overseas volunteers giving their time and money, and benefit to the organization they work with in East Africa.

Volunteer opportunities in Uganda, Kenya and Rwanda

You will interact with the people of the host country, while making a meaningful contribution through our hands-on programs or community related activities. While you are engaged in helping in practical ways, the people you meet will captivate your heart.

Why go to volunteer in Africa – Uganda, Kenya or Rwanda?

In Africa, people experience many struggles… poverty, disabilities, and even homelessness.  But you can make a lasting difference in these communities. You can care for physically and mentally disabled children, some who have been abandoned, “at-risk” teens, the elderly and more.