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Volunteer teaching in Africa – Uganda and Kenya

We have volunteer teaching opportunities in Uganda and Kenya, Africa. You don’t have to be a teacher to be a volunteer on our teaching projects, there is no need for qualifications,  just come share your skills!

The volunteer teaching in Africa centres on projects that enhance the lives of children and their families. In most host communities, our work involves either “hands-on” classroom teaching or helping to build or repair classrooms and schools. Volunteer teaching can be a very rewarding experience and provide you with memories whihc last a lifetime

Volunteer teaching involves activities  either in the classroom or after school, which can be a rewarding experience. In rural communities, by teaching conversational English and engaging children in informal educational activities, you can help enhance children’s ability to speak the English language. The standard of English in East African primary schools, even among the teachers and administrators, can be very poor.

Although some schools we work  with for teaching volunteering in East Africa are ‘private’ schools, conditions are often basic and many lack the simple resources or qualified teachers that you would expect at such a school. The children at these schools are generally very excited to have volunteers working with them and with a little effort, you should find the volunteering extremely rewarding.

A typical teaching volunteering day could include the following:

Teaching volunteers will be required to prepare their own lessons for their classes within the school curriculum. The focus of these lessons will primarily be written and spoken English. Teaching volunteers will also teach other lessons such as sports, music, art and sometimes other academic subjects such as maths. Much depends on your personal drive and skill set.

If you have a particular interest for volunteer teaching in Uganda or Kenya, Msafiri Tours  can make it happen. Local teachers are encouraged to participate in the volunteer classes so that they can help and learn, but this is often not the case, so volunteer teams should be prepared to handle a class on their own.