We organise and run the best Volunteers Tours to Africa especially to Uganda. Contact us today to book volunteer tours and be sure to have memorable safaris to Uganda doing volunteer work.

Animal Care Volunteering in Africa, Uganda:

We have veterinary medicine and animal care volunteering opportunities in Africa for people who love animals! Contact us to know more..

Construction Volunteering in Uganda, Africa:

Can you hammer a nail, use a paintbrush, or plant a flower? Construction volunteers and volunteer builders are needed in Uganda

Environmental Conservation Volunteering in Uganda:

We have conservation volunteering opportunities in Africa. Work with wildlife and conservation projects in Uganda..

Farming Volunteering and Agriculture in Uganda:

Agriculture is the key to Uganda’s domestic economy but agricultural efficiency in Uganda, especially on small farms, is still extremely low..

Group Volunteering and Corporate Volunteering in Uganda:

Looking for group volunteering or corporate volunteering in Africa? We have a number of wonderful group volunteering opportunities..

Medical Volunteer Placements in Uganda:

We have opportunities for medical volunteer placements in Africa for professional and trainee medical students working in hospitals..

Organizing Your Group Volunteering Tour to Uganda:

Msafiri Tours can help your group volunteering tour by booking flights, accommodation, transport and organizing volunteer work..

Professional Skills Volunteering in Uganda:

Do you want to volunteer and share your professional skills in Africa? Share skills in IT, social care, business development, carpentry, sewing..

Street Children Volunteering in Uganda, Africa:

Volunteer and work with street children in Uganda, Africa. Help improve the lives of children and teenagers living on streets by running sports programs..

Volunteer and Teach Sports in Uganda:

We need volunteers to teach sports in Africa – Uganda and Kenya. Coach in schools, youth projects, church groups, community groups..

Volunteer in Africa – Uganda:

Have you ever wanted to volunteer in Africa? Meet the people, see the culture, work with them, share your skills and go on a real safari?

Volunteer in Uganda, Africa:

Taking a Career Break or Sabbatical? Why not participate in some career break volunteering in Africa, Uganda and make a difference..

Volunteer Teaching in Africa – Uganda:

We have volunteer teaching opportunities in Uganda and Kenya, Africa. You don’t have to be a teacher to be a volunteer on our teaching projects..

Work with the elderly in Africa – Uganda:

Are you especially good at working with seniors and the elderly? We have opportunities for volunteers to work with the elderly in Uganda and Kenya..

Uganda Africa Volunteering Questions and Answers:

What are the accommodations in Uganda like? Uganda has up market safari lodges, tented camps and hotels with great accommodation..