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Volunteers to Teach Sports in Africa

Volunteers to Teach Sports in Africa – Uganda and Kenya

We need volunteers to teach sports in Africa – Uganda and Kenya. Coach in schools, youth projects, church groups, community groups and street children centres in Africa.

The sports program provides a way to keep kids off the street and out of trouble. It also gives them a constructive way to burn energy and frustration. You will be in charge of planning class activities ranging from duck-duck-goose and a game of kickball to organized sporting competitions. This volunteer opportunity suits energetic and enthusiastic people.

Volunteering and teaching sports can involve: teaching sports and physical education, providing training, refereeing games and helping maintain sports fields. There are a wide variety of sports you can become involved in such asĀ  football (soccer), basketball, rugby, netball, volleyball and many others.

There may be extracurricular activities attached to these projects that involve teaching English, taking part in after-school clubs, and helping kids with their homework.

We need Volunteers to Teach Sports in Africa.