Plan to wed in Uganda or Kenya while on safari to East Africa with Msafiri tours, we have romantic, secluded safari wedding destinations in Uganda and Kenya to make your Africa wedding special

Your wedding should be one of the most important days of your life, and you want everything to be prefect! A celebration of two people’s love for each other should be a very special occasion. So let  Msafiri Tours plan your unique wedding in Uganda or Kenya. Allow us tp removethe stress out of your wedding plannning so thagt you can relax and focus on having fun!

With its striking, untamed landscapes, emotive sights and sounds, and dramatic skies, Africa is the perfect setting for a wedding. Uganda is a  perfect  and most b eautiful location for weddings, and has all you could wish for your special day at affordable prices. And you can have a perfect honeymoon straight after your wedding, without having to travel any further!

We meticulously plan and personalise these cherished occasions which allow couples to relax and enjoy every moment of their wedding. Be it a small, intimate wedding or a larger ceremony,  be it a wedding with a view, under canvas, in the bush or at the beach,  Msafiri Tours haS it all covered for you!

Why should you choose to wed in Uganda or Kenya?

  1. Cost effective compared to UK or USA weddings
  2. A wedding in Uganda or Kenya will be easy to arrange
  3. Your wedding in East Africa  will combine well with your honeymoon

Call us or email us for  ideas on suitable locations, cost and all those other intricate details which we will cater for.

Average cost for your wedding in Uganda or Kenya  is £6,500.-

There are legal requirements and paperwork required when getting married in Uganda or Kenya. We can arrange all of these for you as well.

Necessary paperwork to wed in Uganda or Kenya:

Copies of the following documents are necessary prior to the wedding taking place:

  1. 2 copies of the passport of bride-to-be and groom
  2. 2 copies of birth certificate of bride-to-be and groom
  3. An affidavit that bride-to-be and groom are single
  4. If divorced, a copy of decree absolute
  5. If widowed, a copy of the death certificate of former spouse and  previous marriage certificate
  6. Letter stating full names, address, occupation of couple and the same details for each person’s parents

Also required or recommended to wed in Uganda or Kenya:

A Visa (compulsory), personal travel insurance (compulsory), wedding insurance (recommended)

Official requirements for a wedding in Uganda:

  1. Wedding couple must spend at least 2 working days in Kampala or Nairobi before the wedding.
  2. The wedding couple must show themselves in person at the registry office.
  3. Wedding can only take place after a minimum 4 day stay in Uganda or Kenya
  4. Original passport and birth certificate is needed in Kenya.
  5. A civil registration ceremony is required in Uganda prior to any religious or other ceremony elsewhere in Uganda.

Questions a nd Answers:

Who will conduct our ceremony?

The majority of our weddings are conducted by a marriage officer whose title varies depending upon resort. For example a celebrant, minister or registrar. Where it’s possible to be married by a minister, the ceremony will be non-denominational unless otherwise stated.

Is our marriage legally recognised in the UK or USA?

Yes, your wedding will be registered in the country it takes place and is then legally recognised in the UK or USA. If you’re not a permanent UK or USA resident, check with your local authorities.

What legal requirements are there?

You must be over 20 years of age. You’ll need your British passports, original copies of your birth certificates and documentation regarding a previous marriage if you’re widowed or divorced. Full details will be supplied at the time of booking.

How do we transport our wedding outfits on the flights?

We recommend that wedding outfits are packed in a hard suitcase or boxed, and placed in the hold of the aircraft. There’s usually no extra baggage allowance for wedding outfits. Make sure everything is clearly labelled and that you tell check-in staff you’re carrying wedding outfits.

When can we be married?

In most destinations we use in Uganda, your wedding ceremony can be conducted Monday to Friday, excluding local public holidays or bank holidays as they are known in the UK.

What shall we wear?

We recommend a wedding dress in a cool natural fabric and a light-coloured suit in cotton or linen for the groom.

How about the finer details?

  1. We will arrange for your wedding outfits to be pressed or ironed ready for your special occasion.
  2. We have a list of hair stylists, make-up artists, photographers and videographers etc who we will use for your function.
  3. Flowers can be arranged when you arrive.