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Why choose Msafiri tours for your school trip to Africa? We are the leading UK – Uganda specialist in school trips, group tours and educational tours to Uganda, Kenya, and Rwanda. We have years of experince which helps us know what works best and plan the best itineraries to suit your group or schools needs.

Our Track Record:

We have been helping teachers arrange group tours and school trips to Uganda and Kenya for the last 8 years. A lot of teachers have chosen and continue to use our services for their group tours because of our proven commitment to providing  their students with the best, most creative and educational trips in Uganda, Kenya or Rwanda.

Tailor made arrangements:

With the support of our local team based in East Africa, we can tailor your group tour to match you preferred  plans, taking into consideration your budget, flexible dates, itinerary with a variety of educational themes, fun, practical and inclusive activities, sightseeing excursions, and safaris.

Safety Standards:

At Msafiri Tours, the safety of your students  while on tour in East Africa is paramount. We operate detailed safety arrangements in Uganda, Kenya or Rwanda, with all service providers chosen for their quality of service,compliance with good safety standards and experience in working with schools, academies, colleges and students as a whole.

Competitive Price:

Our school tours and trips to  East Africa  are tremendous value for money.  Over the years, we have built a good reputation in Uganda and the other countries where we operate, for outstanding travel arrangements and affordable prices for group tours, school trips, volunteer tours, elective medical placements and general wildlife safaris.

FREE teachers’ places:

We provide  free places on our tours for accompanying teachers and tutors on Msafiri school tours and  trips to East Africa (one free place for one teacher per every 10 students in the group). This means you are easily able to satisfy your school supervisory requirements on this trips. These  teachers benefitting from the free place will only need to pay for their flights.

Personal service:

Right from your initial contact with us, our team of experienced staff will look after your requirements, and will provide all necessary information to answer any specific questions you may have regarding your group tour or  school trip to East Africa. Once you are on your  tour in Uganda, Kenya or Rwanda, Msafiri Tours staff will accompany you at all times to ensure smooth and successful operations and the wellbeing of your students.


The hotels and accommodation facilities we use for group tours, school trips and educational visits to Africa are very carefully chosen and checked by Msafiri Tours. They all have a proper bathroom and toilet. Students will be accommodated on the basis of 2 or sometimes 4 sharing per room, as requested. Teachers will be accommodated in single rooms or at times 2 sharing.

We are members of the UGANDA ASSOCIATION OF TOUR OPERATORS and RESPONSIBLE TRAVEL.COM. Should you need any more references please contact these organisations.


We are the leading UK – Uganda specialist in school trips and educational visits to Uganda, Kenya, and Rwanda.

We appreciate that there is a lot to consider before you decide to take a group of students on school tours and trips to Africa. Our many years of experience give us an upper hand to look after you and arrange the best school tour to Uganda, Kenya or Rwanda for your group.

Your Ugandan tailor made school and student tours are custom-built to suit your group’s wishes. You tell Msafiri Tours what you would like to do, your preferred type of accommodations, approximate budget and dates of travel for your school to Uganda, Kenya or  Rwanda, and Msafiri Tours will take care of all reservations and logistics, to ensure your school or college tour runs smoothly from beginning to end.

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