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If you have dreamed of visiting Uganda’s amazing landscapes, meeting its lovely native people, and photographing lions, elephants, buffalos, leopards, chimps, mountain gorillas or birds up close, Uganda will satisfy your interests on one of our specialized photography safaris in Uganda.

We offer photography safaris in Uganda which give photographers a number of wonderful photographic opportunities, combining a mosaic of landscapes, people, and an amazing and spectacular array of wild animals, primates and birds that Uganda is well known for. Because of its location on the Equator, Uganda has incredible light for photographers to enjoy, and you begin to understand why Uganda, ‘The Pearl of Africa’ and is a fantastic Africa photo safari destination for amateur or professional photographers.

Msafiri Tours will create tailor-made photography safaris to suit your individual needs in Uganda or Kenya. Even if what you want is a self-drive safari with ample opportunity to observe and photograph wildlife in Uganda, Msafiri Tours will arrange that for you. Perhaps you are travelling with a photographic group or society wanting an organized tour with a local, Ugandan photographic tour guide. Our Uganda photography safari can have a specific theme – primates, birds, wildlife photography, cultures, flora, landscapes, or we can put together a more general itinerary to take in different Ugandan photographic highlights.

We will make sure you are out in the field at the right time to capture the best light – and our expert local photographic tour guides are on hand to ensure you get the very best photographic experience in Uganda or Kenya every day.