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Volunteer with the elderly in Uganda, Kenya

PrintAre you especially good at working with seniors and the elderly?  We have opportunities for you to Volunteer with the elderly in Uganda, Kenya.

Our volunteering tours are tailor made to suit your requirements and can be very rewarding experiences which provide memories that last a lifetime.

Men and women of advanced age in Africa hold a community’s history and wisdom, forming a precious human, social and economic network. And they help indigenous societies retain their cultural roots, passing along traditions to younger generations. There is no welfare system in places where we work, so often elders live on a limited income and many lose access to basic services at the same time. They can become easily cut off and isolated.

Various community initiatives and organizations reach out to provide basic nutrition, health care and social interaction, but they are often run on small budgets. As a volunteer with the elderly, you can be an important link between social services and the elderly recipients.

You can help build and repair safe housing for the elderly, engage elders in activities such as singing, dancing, playing games and developing arts and crafts projects, and assisting them on recreational outings.

Make your skills count – work with the elderly in Africa – Uganda and Kenya.